For beverages and liquid food ingredients, UV Treatment offers the potential of a non thermal pasteurization technique that preserves the quality is cost effective, glass bottle friendly, and adaptable to a wide range of production scales. As clean label and nutrient dense food and drink become the market priority, FPE plans to make UV Treatment the industry standard.



UV treatment is a potentially effective treatment for any number of fluids in the medical industry. UV light has long been used for the sterilization of equipment and air in medical environments, our UV Treatment Equipment is bring that technology to the treatment of medical fluids and furthering the potential of UV to be an important tool in medicine.



UV has been used to treat water for more than a century. Water has been the easiest focus for UV Treatment because water has a high level of UV transmittance. Because our system monitors the UV dosage and handles liquids with turbidity and lower UV transmittance, our UV Treatment Equipment is well suited for water treatment applications where the water is less than pure and clear. Applications like irrigation water, aquaponics, waste water, recreational water features, and bilge water are some of the areas in which our equipment is the best choice!